Smart Energy Management

Smart Energy Management


Robust Energy Monitoring Network

EcoCentral is a cloud-based data storage, reporting, and analytics interface that provides real-time monitoring and reporting to track progress toward total efficiency goals. This room energy monitor is accessible via desktop, tablet or smartphone.

The energy monitoring network helps to build operators:

  • Identify units that may be malfunctioning, alerting engineering resources to be deployed selectively, resulting in maintenance savings
  • Facilitate load balance rotation
  • View energy savings
  • Create and manage alerts

Proactive Self-Directed, Self-Healing

Like a living, evolving system, EcoCentral is self-directing and self-healing. It’s a proactive room energy monitor that identifies and reports potential issues, such as HVAC systems that are underperforming – before they become a problem.

A Host of Usable Solutions

When EcoCentral is connected to onsite systems such as EcoConnect, the dashboard can generate highly actionable reports that track site energy costs and savings; display variances in runtimes; locate HVAC units with intermittent errors; and be used to sort reports by room, building, floor and across multiple properties.

Intuitively Responsive

EcoCentral automatically balances and loads based on a logical system of demand/response, maximizing energy savings while offering optimal comfort.

This energy monitoring network is so precise that it actually learns and anticipates seasonal patterns. For example, it will automatically adjust specific rooms that routinely heat or cool unequally due to environmental factors.




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